We do not leave you alone!

At Goebel Instrumentelle Analytik GmbH, support does not end after finishing an installation of a system!

We guarantee an optimized service and thereby minimized down-time of your instruments and systems over the full life-span of the instruments.

Your Benefits:

  • Qualification of your systems (IQ / OQ / PQ / Pharmakopoea).
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • On-site service at fair conditions.
  • Qualified telephone support.
  • Software support also possible via the Internet (AnyDesk).

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance guarantees maximum availability of your systems!

Minimize the down-time of your systems next to zero.

Your Benefits:

  • Individually customized service contracts.
  • Preventive maintenance avoids most unwanted breakdowns and down-time of your system – your system is available as you need it.
  • Unsuspected service events and extra costs for repairs can be avoided.
  • Your system always produces results within the designed specifications:
    No “Out-of-control-situations”.

System-Qualification according to ISO standard

Scheduled inspections of your systems with approved standard procedures and with calibrated tools.

Your Benefits:

  • The instruments of your systems are qualified against the manufacturers specifications with pre-defined and approved procedures.
  • Every test point is exactly documented.
  • The qualification is carried out using calibrated tools (e.g. certified reference material sets for the validation according to Pharmacopoea).
  • Our service personnel is specially trained for these performance qualification.
  • After finishing the qualification, you receive a certificate documenting the test results and the required specifications.
  • Calibration certificates of the tools deployed are attached to the qualification certificate.

Extended Instrument Service

Our extended instrument service for instruments made by Knauer, Secomam, Kontron and Bio-Tek

In addition to our current HPLC systems and spectrophotometers we also repair and service older instruments of these product series made by Knauer, Secomam, Kontron and Bio-Tek. The availability of spare parts is a prerequisite for a repair.


  • Uvikon® Series 900 spectrophotometer
  • Uvikon® XS / XL series spectrophotometer


  • Knauer Smartline / Wellchrom series
  • Bio-Tek/Kontron HPLC series 300 / 400 / 500

In case any module of these series hast to be replaced, system operation in a mixed environment of old and new modules is also possible.

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