Goebel Analytik supplies you with complete and versatile system solutions

In addition to an optimized combination of HPLC modules for analytical and semi-preparative chromatography we also configure our specifically developed chromatography data system according to your demands.
We also support you with the qualification of your system.
Expert service and preventive maintenance at calculable terms ensure the maximum availability of your systems and thus the smooth flow of your work processes.
Of course we configure your HPLC system individually and tailor-made for you.

Tailor-made HPLC systems

HPLC System Celeno DAD II

This binary high pressure gradient system saves you bench space and money. An inexpensive HPLC system for sophisticated routine analysis with high sample throughput.

Quaternary low pressure gradient system

This space-saving HPLC system is suitable for sophisticated analysis and routine analysis with a high sample throughput.

Isocratic HPLC system

This inexpensive HPLC system is suitable for isocratic routine analysis with a low sample throughput.

Chromatography Data System

HPLC Chromatography Data System GEMINYX III

The new generation of HPLC data system GEMINYX III generates significant data reports from acquired raw data by a single mouse click.

GEMINYX III – 21 CFR Part 11

The fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant version meets the strict security criteria of the FDA to the full extent.

HPLC Pumps

Our product range of HPLC pumps covers all your application demands:

  • From microbore via the whole analytical flow range up to semi-preparative applications.
  • Pump heads made of stainless steel or PEEK.
  • For isocratic systems, high-pressure or low-pressure gradient systems.
  • An active piston back-flushing as an option.

Aside from a built-in instrument control with storable methods in stand-alone mode, the pump systems are fully controlled and monitored by our Geminyx III data system.

HPLC Pump S1130

This is our isocratic HPLC pump for precision solvent delivery. Complete with active piston back flushing for minimized wear.

HPLC Pump S1130G

Our quaternary low-pressure gradient pump – low space required by integrated dynamic mixing chamber and optionally integrated degasser.

HPLC Pump S1132

This is our binary high-pressure gradient pump - maximum precision and reliability. Minimized bench-space requirement due to integrated dynamic mixing chamber and optional integrated degasser.

HPLC Autosampler

Automated sample delivery.

Using an automated sample delivery system enables you to take advantage of the night time and let your HPLC system work 24/7.
You can use your system more efficiently and possibly avoid to purchase another HPLC system.

The autosampler can be configured for every field of application:

  • Routine analysis with loop-overfilling (fixed loop).
  • Varying methods with variable inject volume.
  • With or without sample cooling.
  • With or without pre-column derivatization.

HPLC Autosampler S5300

Regardless if high sample throughput or long acquisition time, the autosampler S5300 is your best choice. The S5300 is available with several options and can be configured to fit your needs ideally.

HPLC Detectors

Ideal detectors for the demands of your applications.

Fit your HPLC system with the detectors that are ideally suitable for your needs. Combine different detection methods in one system as needed for your applications.

  • Single-channel UV/Vis detector for routine analysis.
  • Multi-channel UV/Vis detectors for analysis at multiple wavelengths.
  • Highly sensitive Diode-Array-Detector (DAD) for enhanced selectivity.
  • Refractive Index detector as universal detection device in cases where UV-detection is not possible.
  • Amperometric detector for clinical purposes.

Of course all available detectors are fully controlled by our Geminyx III chromatography data system. The acquired data is recorded, sored and analyzed.

HPLC Detector S3250

A reliable single-channel detector for routine analysis. Different types of flow cells made of stainless steel or PEEK allow for a wide range of solvents and flow rates.

HPLC Celeno DAD II Detector

This is a premium diode-array-detector for highly precise analysis, available as UV and UV/Vis version. Up to 8 chromatography channels in addition to the spectral channel guarantee the highest spectral resolution.

HPLC Fluorescence Detector
RF-20A / RF-20AXS

This is our high sensitivity fluorescence detector for routine and trace analysis. Supreme sensitivity and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Other detectors on request.

HPLC Accessories

We provide a wide range of accessories to make your HPLC system complete:

  • Vacuum online degassers
  • Column ovens
  • Manual and motor driven switching valves
  • Consumables (capillaries, fittings, frits)

HPLC Column Oven S4115 / S4120

Precise temperature control of your HPLC columns ensures best analysis results. The horizontal design allows for ideal system integration - the vertical design reduces the overall height of the system.

HPLC Accessories

Online-Degasser, manual and motor-driven switching valves – complete your system with accessories according to your needs.

HPLC Consumables

Capillaries in stainless steel or PEEK, fittings, frits – all consumables for your laboratory routine (except chemicals).

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