HPLC Pumps S1130 / S1130G / S1132

Goebel Instrumentelle Analytik - HPLC Pumpen S1130-S1130G-S1132

Goebel Analytik offers you the ideal solution for your HPLC requirements:

The wide opening front cover with cut-outs for optimized tubing routing allows for easy access to the pump head. With the gradient versions you will also find the connectors of the optional integrated degasser.

Ideal bio-compatibility gives you the choice between pump heads made of stainless steel or PEEK.
Our pump systems feature a very low pulsation, high flow accuracy and flow precision. Needless to say that the pumps S1130 / S1130G / S1132 are fully controlled and monitored by the Geminyx III chromatography data system.

Isocratic HPLC pump S1130

The S1130 HPLC pump is a reliable and robust solvent delivery system with active piston back flushing for reduced maintenance costs.

A degasser module can also be integrated as an option and thus saves valuable space on the work place property.

Quaternary low-pressure gradient pump S1130G

The S1130G HPLC pump is a precise low-pressure gradient pump for up to four different eluents and requires little bench space. An integrated dynamic mixing chamber and optional integrated degasser allow for sophisticated analysis. Of course this pump also features active piston back flushing (option) for reduced maintenance costs.

Binary high-pressure gradient pump S1132

The S1132 high pressure gradient pump is a precise and reliable solvent delivery system with little bench space requirements. With an integrated dynamic mixing chamber and optional integrated degasser, the S1132 features two pump modules with active piston back flushing in a single housing.

The HPLC pumps of Goebel Analytik excel by:

  • Wide flow range from microbore via standard analytical flow range up to semi-preparative applications, with exchangeable pump heads made of stainless steel or PEEK.
  • One housing – three different instrument configurations. Isocratic, binary high-pressure gradient or quaternary low-pressure gradient.
  • An active piston back flushing (option) combined with optimized material selection for valves and seals reduce maintenance costs.
  • Electronic compensation of pressure pulsation with adjustable eluent compressability compensation.
  • Intelligent on-board instruments control as well as remote control by Geminyx III Chromatography data system.
  • Stackable with all other Celeno series modules for minimized bench space requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Wide flow range.
  • High precision of the solvent delivery systems ensures high overall precision.
  • Ideally configurable for your sophisticated HPLC separations.
  • Intelligent pulsation compensation.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:
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