CELENO Diode Array Detector II

Goebel Instrumentelle Analytik HPLC Celeno DAD II

Goebel Analytik offers you the ideal solution for your HPLC requirements:

Sophisticated applications require aside from precise quantification also additional information about peak purity and identification of components. High resolution spectra guarantee high quality analysis results. Only by these high resolution spectra, minute differences between similar molecular structures can be identified.

Our Celeno DAD II is a premium diode array detector for highly precise analysis, available as UV and UV/Vis version. Simultaneous measurement of up to 8 chromatography channels plus the spectra channel allow the identification of unknown substances by comparison with a spectra library.

  • High spectral resolution combined with highest sensitivity.
  • A polychromator in a ceramic housing ensures low noise and highest sensitivity.
  • Monitoring of component separation by calculation of peak purity as well as positive comparison with a spectra library.
  • Minimized light dispersion effects due to fibre optic coupling of the flow cell.
  • Stackable with all other Celeno series modules for minimized bench space requirements.
  • Fully links to our Geminyx III chromatography data system for instrument control, online display data acquisition and spectra calculation.

Your benefits:

  • High sensitivity for quantification.
  • High resolution spectra for calculation of peak purity and component identification.
  • Maximum light energy by use of fibre optics.
  • Spectra- and chromatogram-extraction by Geminyx III chromatography data system.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:
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