HPLC Column Oven S4115 – S4120

Goebel Analytik offers you the ideal solution for your HPLC requirements:

  • Peltier column oven for heating and cooling.
  • Large column compartment with screw-on column holders for ideal temperature exchange.
  • Vertical or horizontal version for optimized integration and space efficiency in the HPLC system.
  • Optional available with a motor-driven switching valve inside the column compartment.
  • RS-232 instrument control by our Geminyx III chromatography data system.
  • Highest temperature accuracy and precision.

Wide temperature range, high precision and temperature stability of this column oven allows for use in all fields of modern HPLC.
Being independent from changing environmental temperatures is an important link in the chain to precise analysis results in HPLC.
The S4115 column oven is the horizontal version which can ideally be stacked with other Celeno modules in the HPLC system and thereby reduces the required bench space.

The vertical version S4120 allows for reducing the overall height of your HPLC system. The wide opening front door allows for easy access to the column compartment for HPLC columns up to 350mm length. A maximum of three HPLC columns with up to 350mm length can be mounted simultaneously in the column compartment. Screw-on column holders guarantee for an ideal temperature exchange.

The wide temperature range from +5°C up to +100°C is controlled by double-referenced temperature sensors, a thermal fuse protects the instrument from overheating and a highly sensitive leak sensor warns you in case of unintended leakage of solvents.

This column oven is fully RS-232 controlled by our Geminyx III chromatography systems, of course including the control of an optional built-in motor driven switching valve.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:
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