HPLC Chromatography Data System GEMINYX III

HPLC Chromatography Data System GEMINYX III by Goebel instrumentelle Analytik GmbH

Goebel Analytiks software solution for instrument control and data analysis offers you the ideal solution for your HPLC applications:

The new generation of HPLC chromatography data system GEMINYX III generates significant data reports from acquired raw data by a single mouse click.

Geminyx III chromatography data system is available in standard version and the FDA-compliant 21 CFR part 11 version.
The data system controls all components of the HPLC or GC system, acquires and stores the raw data and computes the calculations up to the final concentration.
Our data system is entirely developed and maintained by Goebel Analytik, so that adaptations to your specific needs can be accomplished in reasonable time, if needed.
We also qualify the whole system including the software, so that the current validated status of the system is documented at all times.

Your Benefits:

  • Full instrument control and analysis of HPLC and GC systems.
  • Device driver concept allows also for operation of inhomogeneous systems.
  • One unified user interface for chromatography systems of different manufacturers enhances the efficiency remarkably.
  • Automated peak detection and peak integration without time-consuming setting of parameters.
  • Scroll from sample to sample for whole series and take advantage of the graphical editor.
  • Clear presentation of chromatograms and the computed results.
  • Automated computation of peak purity and lookup of spectra libraries based on high resolution spectra acquired by a diode-array-detector.
  • Flexible report generator for a professional report design.
  • Export of acquired data in all commonly used data formats.
  • Import of raw data from older data system versions (KromaSystem 2000, Geminyx II).

You can download the detailed data sheet here:

GEMINYX III 21 CFR part 11 compliant version

Of course all the features and benefits of our Geminyx III chromatography data system are also at your disposal in the 21 CFR part 11 compliant version.

The additional features of our Geminyx III 21 CFR part 11 make our software solution fully FDA compliant:

Complete User-Management for data integrity and traceability

The 21 CFR part 11 compliant version of Geminyx III meets the strict security requirements of the FDA in full scope:

  • Integrated user-management – administration of user and access rights.
  • Unauthorized data manipulation or deletion is detained.
  • Individual assignment of systems to specific users.
  • Fully consistent audit trail and revision management.
  • Data security is fully ensured by embedding the data in a relational data base.
  • Electronic signature.

Setup and configuration features:

  • Can be configured as local workstation as well as client/server.
  • Aside from the local data base, the acquired data can be stored at a central data base server.
  • Fully compatible with Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:
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