Amperometric Detector 105

Goebel Instrumentelle Analytik GmbH - HPLC Amperometric Detector 105

Goebel Analytik offers you the ideal solution for your HPLC requirements:

This is the most sensitive and selective amperometric detector for the automation of routine analysis. The special design guarantees a reliable usage even in the most sensitive measurement range and minimizes down-time.
Different work electrodes are available: Carbon fibre, silver and platinum.

Your advantages:

  • Designed for reliable 24/7 continuous operation and easy handling.
  • Specially designed for high reproducibility.
  • Four different working electrodes available.
  • All cell components are polished to a mirror-like finish, thereby avoiding hydrodynamic disturbances.
  • Of course all functions of the detector 105 are fully controlled by our Geminyx III chromatography data system.

You can download the detailed data sheet here:

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