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Your competent partner for your applications.

We configure your system in an optimized manner.

Our software for instrument control and data analysis are 100% “Made in Germany”. This means for you that the software developers are not scattered around the world, but reside nearby. Individual software adaptations according to your special demands can be implemented in reasonable time.

Our UVS spectrophotometry data system supports you with all measurement methods used in spectrophotometry and help you to increase efficiency.

Goebel instrumentelle Analytik UVS 3.0

GEMINYX III – the HPLC chromatography data system is our own development for your analytical demands.

Qualification of your instruments and systems according to official regulations.

Expert on-site-service at fair terms.

Preventive Maintenance.

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We do not only supply your with single instruments – we offer complete solutions!

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Our new product series Specord 200/210 PLUS
for your needs in spectrophotometry is now available!

Specord® 200/210 PLUS

The concept of the Specord® 200/210 PLUS offers suitable solutions for various applications.

Pinpoint precision and absolute reliability for routine analysis and special case applications.

User friendly and a wide range of available accessories.

High quality materials and precision manufacturing match the attractive design and ensure the longevity of the Specord® 200/210 PLUS.

Specord® 200/210 PLUS Serie features:

High spectral resolution / variable slit.

Pre-adjusted and voltage stabilized light sources.

Second sample cell measuring place for analyzing turbid samples.

High data accuracy and stability due to symmetric double beam optics.

Find more information about the Specord® 200/210 PLUS series here.

Some details of the Specord® 200/210 PLUS:

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